The lack of irrigation facilities in the district has affected the productivity of the soil in spite of its fertility.  Total area of the district is 10,67,291 acres out of which 2,58,999 acres is cultivated and 8,08,292 acres is uncultivated. Irrigated land is 48,571 acres only. Thus the land prove not much productive. Cultivation mainly depends on seasonal rainfall. The soil of Pakhli plain is very fertile and productive due to irrigation facilities.

Mansehra Farmer

Mansehra Agriculture. Click on the picture for enlarge.

The mentionable crops of Mansehra are wheat (total area 43,412 hectares which produced 67,735 tones in 1991), maize (total area 76,606 hectares, produced 1,19,615 tones), rice (total area 6,203 hectare which produced 13,236 tones), tobacco (total area1,345 hectares with production of 5,4344 tones), rape seed and mustard (total area 959 hectares with production of 467 tones), barley and fodder (total area 3,358 hectares, produced 79,511 tones), vegetables, soyabean and pulses (total area 1,288 hectares which produced 5,601 tones during 1991). Tea growing experiments have also been done at Ahal, Shinkiari, Ichrian and Baffa due to a suitable climate and congenial condition. These experiments proved successful. Fruit orchards are also a source of income especially apple which are available in numerous varieties. Mansehra can be considered the California of Pakistan because all types of fruits such as temperate, tropical and sub-tropical can be grown.


The district has a Deputy Commissioner who is the pivot of district administration. He performs multifarious functions in the district such as revenue collection, supervision of local bodies, performing executive duties, discharging judicial duties, developmental functions and miscellaneous other functions. He is the supervisor over the heads of other departments functions as the district magistrate as well. He has unlimited powers which are necessary for the maintenance of general peace and order in the district.

District Jail Mansehra

District Jail Mansehra. Click on the pictures for enlarge.

    There is a court of Session Judge who heads the judicial set up in the district. He is equipped with both original and appellate jurisdiction. He tries murder cases, and hears appeals in both civil and criminal cases. Subordinate judges in the district help him in his functions. the head of police force in the district is Superintendent of police. In the maintenance of peace and order he assists the D.C. Each tehsil is headed by a Deputy Superintendent of Police under whom police stations work. To maintain law and order, ten police stations are working in Mansehra district.

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