US wants to promote private investment in Pakistan: Olson


WASHINGTON ( Richard Olson, the new US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, has assured Islamabad that the United States intends to promote new private sector investment in the country’s energy sector. In his address to the US-Pakistan Clean Energy Business Opportunities Conference in Washington, Mr Olson emphasised the need for addressing Pakistan’s energy crisis in a fast and effective ...

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The secret bribes of big tobacco

Paul Hopkins says he was told bribery was the cost of doing business in Africa

By Richard Bilton BBC Panorama A BBC investigation has uncovered evidence of bribery at one of the UK’s biggest companies. Panorama found British American Tobacco illegally paid politicians and civil servants in countries in East Africa. The payments were revealed when a whistleblower shared hundreds of secret documents. BAT told the BBC: “The truth is that we do not and will ...

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Dutch government to appeal Starbucks tax ruling


BBC News : The Dutch finance ministry says it will fight a ruling ordering it to recover as much as €30m (£21.2m) in tax from Starbucks. European competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager ordered the country to recover €20m-€30m in back taxes from the coffee chain, accusing it of benefiting from an illegal tax deal. Starbucks has already said it would appeal ...

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UK’s coal plants ‘to be phased out within 10 years’

UK's coal plants

BBC News : The UK’s remaining coal-fired power stations will be shut by 2025 at the latest, Energy Secretary Amber Rudd is expected to say later. Unveiling the government’s new energy strategy, Ms Rudd will say that relying on “polluting” coal is “perverse”. Instead, gas will become “central” to the UK’s future, with building new gas-fired power stations an “imperative”. ...

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Easyjet chief warns global airport security must be tightened

McCall pledged that all stranded Easyjet passengers would be home by the weekend.

Kamal Ahmed Business editor BBC News EasyJet’s chief executive has told the BBC that airport security should be tightened around the world. In her first interview since the possible terror attack on the Russian plane that blew apart over Egypt, Carolyn McCall said the idea of bombs on board was a thing that “kept airline chief executives awake at night”. ...

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