Matisse cut-outs: A South Seas voyage into history


BBC News : Author Alastair Sooke : Henri Matisse started making his iconic cut-outs after an illness. But it was a special journey that inspired the form they would take. Alastair Sooke reports. Last month an important exhibition devoted to the swan-song of the French artist Henri Matisse opened at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The show, which premiered ...

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Beyond boots and guns: A new look at the horrors of war

(Chloe Dewe Matthews)

By Alastair Sooke BBC News : A new exhibition of war photography at Tate Modern looks beyond gory realism. For Remembrance Day, Alastair Sooke takes a closer look. What are the most powerful images of the 20th Century? For many people, the likeliest candidates would come not from the world of fine art, with its obvious contenders such as Picasso’s Guernica or ...

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How will cinema deal with IS?

A still from a video released by by the Raqqa Media Center of the Islamic State and verified by the Associated Press shows IS combatants on parade in Raqqa, Syria (AP)

BBC News : Arab filmmakers feel compelled to deal with the militant group and its effects – despite threats and intimidation. Emma Jones reports from the Abu Dhabi Film Festival. Cinema can’t keep pace with current affairs in the Middle East. The Sundance award-winning Syrian documentary, Return to Homs, which is showing at this year’s Abu Dhabi Film Festival, now ...

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Mehwish Hayat: ‘Purr’fecting her act

Mehwish sets the screen on fire with the item number Billi featured in Na Maloom Afraad

By Saima Salman : Wearing an olive green ghagra choli, sporting a tantalising tattoo on her back and thumka-ing with the best of them, Mehwish Hayat hit the big screen with the biggest of bangs. Like a cat (pun intended) on a hot tin roof, she exudes energy and makes the right amount of whiplash hip jerks to get the blood boiling in ...

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