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Antarctic Peninsula in ‘dramatic’ ice loss

The sector's glaciers have gone from being relatively stable to showing marked annual losses

By Jonathan Amos BBC Science Correspondent Satellites have seen a sudden dramatic change in the behaviour of glaciers on the Antarctica Peninsula, according to a Bristol University-led study. The ice streams were broadly stable up until 2009, since when they have been losing on the order of 56 billion tonnes of ice a year to the ocean. Warm waters from the ...

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LHC smashes energy record with test collisions

Detectors like these in the CMS experiment will soon be pushing new boundaries for physics

By Jonathan Webb Science reporter, BBC News A new record has been set by the Large Hadron Collider: its latest trials have smashed atoms with vastly more energy than ever before. On Wednesday night, two opposing beams of protons were steered into each other at the four collision points spaced around the LHC’s tunnel. The energy of the collisions was 13 ...

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Organic farming ‘benefits biodiversity’

Even a few organic fields on a farm may improve biodiversity, the study found

By Helen Briggs BBC Environment correspondent Organic farms act as a refuge for wild plants, offsetting the loss of biodiversity on conventional farms, a study suggests. Fields around organic farms have more types of wild plants, providing benefits for wildlife, say scientists. The research is likely to fuel the debate over the environmental benefits of organic farming. Studies suggest that ...

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Arctic pollution rules ‘not enough’

More ships are expected to operate in the Arctic as new sea routes open up

By Helen Briggs BBC Environment Correspondent New guidelines have been passed to prevent pollution from ships in polar waters. The Polar Code, passed at a meeting in London of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), ban ships from releasing oil, sewage, chemicals and waste into the sea. The measures are set to come into force in 2017. But environmentalists say the regulations ...

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Russia delays ISS astronauts’ return after Progress failure

There are currently six astronauts on board the International Space Station

BBC News : Russia has delayed the return of three astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS), following the failure of its supply spaceship. The landing of three ISS crew members was originally planned for Thursday, but is now postponed until early June, space official Vladimir Solovyov says. He adds that the mission to replace the trio has also ...

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