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Black hole caught ‘burping’ galactic gas supply

The two waves of hot, X-ray emitting gas were seen in this image from Chandra

BBC News : Astronomers have spotted two huge waves of gas being “burped” by the black hole at the heart of a nearby galaxy. The swathes of hot gas, detected in X-ray images from Nasa’s Chandra space telescope, appear to be sweeping cooler hydrogen gas ahead of them. This vast, rippling belch is taking place in NGC 5194 – a ...

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El Nino weather: Worries grow over humanitarian impact

El Nino has contributed to making 2015 the warmest year on record and will continue to influence temperatures in 2016

By Matt McGrath Environment correspondent BBC News The strongest El Nino weather cycle on record is likely to increase the threat of hunger and disease for millions of people in 2016, aid agencies say. The weather phenomenon is set to exacerbate droughts in some areas, while increasing flooding in others. Some of the worst impacts are likely in Africa with food ...

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Threatened mountain goat gets help from the skies

Drones are being used to monitor the animals in their mountainside habitat

By Sylvia Smith BBC News Populations of Spanish ibex are being hit by a deadly disease. Now scientists are using drones and thermal cameras in an effort to conserve the mountain goat. A herd of wild mountain goats leap and scatter at a sudden sound overhead. The scrubby, uneven terrain of the upper reaches of the Sierra de las Nieves national ...

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Nature in state of confusion as Europe heat continues

The lack of snow and the unusually warm weather across much of Europe has affected flowers [AFP]

Unusually warm weather continues across much of northern Europe, with some of the highest temperatures being recorded across the northwest. UK forecasters said that no national records had been broken yet, but they have come within half a degree in many places. The English record of 17.7C, set in 1985 and 1994, was challenged over the weekend with a high ...

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200-year-old fossil mystery resolved

A virtual model of the reptile was constructed from a German plesiosaur known as Meyerasaurus

By Helen Briggs BBC News Scientists have reconstructed how an ancient reptile swam in the oceans at the time of the dinosaurs. Computer simulations suggest the plesiosaur moved through the water like a penguin, using its front limbs as paddles and back limbs for steering. The creature’s swimming gait has been a mystery since bones of the first known specimen were ...

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