US mulls tech to disable rogue drones near airports

The Civil Aviation Authority said there have been near misses where drones have been flown close to aircraft

BBC News : US politicians are considering new legislation that would allow authorities to intercept or shut down drones that get too close to airports. The US Senate passed the measures, part of a general aviation bill, on Tuesday in response to rising concerns about drone safety. It follows a suspected collision between a drone and a British Airways plane near ...

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US cinema chain AMC makes U-turn over texting

Mobile girls iphone Apple tecknowlogy

BBC News : US cinema chain AMC has reversed a controversial plan to let customers use their mobile phones during films in some venues. AMC chief executive Adam Aron had suggested the idea might encourage so-called millennials to visit the cinema. But the plan was badly received on social media, where cinema-goers bombarded AMC with messages. “We have heard loud ...

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EU lawyer sides against Playboy in hyperlinks case

Images of Dutch TV personality Britt Dekker were linked to by a website called GeenStijl

By Chris Baraniuk Technology reporter A top EU lawyer has said a website did not break the law by linking to Playboy photographs that had been republished on another site without permission. A website operated by GS Media had posted links to an Australian site that was hosting the Playboy images. An advocate general has now sided with the case of ...

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Israel’s Cellebrite linked to FBI’s iPhone hack attempt

Apple Photo

By Leo Kelion Technology desk editor BBC News An Israeli cybersecurity firm is under pressure to reveal its involvement in efforts to extract data from an iPhone. The FBI said on Monday that it might have found a way to deal with the password lock set by killer Syed Rizwan Farook, who was behind an attack in San Bernardino, California, in ...

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Remarkable Boston Dynamics robot puts up with bullying

The robot can stop itself falling over in the snow

Dave Lee North America technology reporter BBC News Boston Dynamics – the robotics firm owned by Google – has created a humanoid that is able to withstand all manner of bullying and still achieve its task. Researchers push, kick and tease the remarkable new Atlas robot, which is an upgrade of models we’ve seen from the firm previously. Despite the distractions, ...

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