AVG’s Web TuneUp put millions of Chrome users at risk

Web TuneUp is offered as a free tool to protect PCs from malware and web trackers

By Leo Kelion Technology desk editor It has emerged that a popular tool meant to ward off malware contained a flaw that put millions of people’s personal data at risk. AVG’s Web TuneUp software is marketed as a free way for users to defend themselves from “hidden threats”. But earlier this month Google’s security team spotted that it was overriding safety ...

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Hyatt hotel visitors hit by payments system hack

Hyatt hotels operate in 52 countries

BBC News : Hotel group Hyatt is warning visitors of a security breach in its customer payment system. The company said it had found malware on the payment processing computers for the hotels it managed. Hyatt’s global president of operations Chuck Floyd said that the problem had been fixed, but advised past customers to check bank statements for any unusual ...

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Java plug-in malware alert to be issued by Oracle

Oracle's Java plug-in is used to power games, 3D graphics tools and in-house business software

By Leo Kelion Technology desk editor BBC News Millions of Java users are to be warned that they could be exposed to malware as a result of a flaw that existed in the software’s update tool. The plug-in is installed on many PCs to let them to run small programs written in the Java programming language. Its distributor Oracle has agreed ...

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US state accuses tech support firm of scamming users

The firm is alleged to offer tech support on behalf of Microsoft, something the tech giant denies

BBC News : One of the world’s largest independent tech support firms has been accused of routinely pressuring customers into buying software they do not need. In a Washington State lawsuit, Indian firm iYogi is accused of using scare tactics to mislead consumers. It is also accused of falsely claiming affiliation to Microsoft, Apple and HP. The firm has denied ...

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Self-driving cars ‘must have driver’, regulators insist

The Lexus cars are able to go on public streets as they have traditional controls that can be used in an emergency

Dave Lee North America technology reporter BBC News Regulators in California have published draft proposals designed to pave the way for the public to start using self-driving cars on the roads. However, the cautious recommendations from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will, initially at least, insist on a fully licensed driver being behind the wheel, ready to take over in ...

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