Mansehra is city located in Mansehra District, North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan. Apart from being a major stop on the Karakoram Highway, it also links to the road to Kaghan Valley, Naran, Shogran, Lake Saiful Mulook and Babusar Top.
Mansehra is located at the eastern border of the North-West Frontier Province, two hours away from Peshawar and three hours away from Islamabad. The district is located at 34? – 12′ and 35? – 50′ and 47? – 07′ longitude. It is closely linked to Afghanistan in the west, which has increased Mansehra’s Afghan refugee count over the past years.

Mansehra Main City View.

Mansehra Main City View. Click on the picture for enlarge.

The district of Mansehra has been blessed with wonderful scenery. Some of Mansehra’s main features are mountain ranges, plains, valleys, and numerous lakes and rivers.
The largest river is the Kunhar River, also known as the Kunar (not to be confused with the Kunar River of the Chitral District). The river is the gateway to the Kaghan Valley and runs through Balakot Surrounding villages Rural area surrounding Mansehra city consists of chains of villages like

* Pakhwal
* Dhangri
* Ogra
* Behali
* Hajiabad
* Jaloo
* Labourkot
* Potha
* Sufaida

Two main roads lead all the way in to the city, Shinkiari road and Kashmir road. Ghazikot Township is a housing colony just outside of the city and is famous for its natural beauty.

Introduction to Mansehra Valley:

Mansehra is a gate way to the tourism. And has played and still playing a vital role in the development of tourism. Mansehra itself is a little city but lies in the heart of the region that is very important.

Mansehra is a beautiful area and has very famous areas around itself which are always pleasing to eyes and are the best example of the natural beauty. I was always keen to let people know that how important it is to have a special arrangement to coming to this area. So here we go!

Mansehra Natural view of plain road tracks.

Mansehra Natural view of plain road tracks. Click on the picture for enlarge.

First of all I want to give a little bit of summary of what to see here. Very west of the city Mansehra, there lies an area named as TANAWAL which is such big area that contains 84 villages in itself. This area is very good and attractive and is full of Pine trees. Unfortunately this area is never given importance that’s the reason it doesn’t have any special arrangements for the tourists to stay. So if one is interested to come to TANAWAL then he must go early in the morning and must be back before the sun set. The most visting area are as below:

Moving almost 30 KMs away from Mansehra City, there’s the first special place to see and enjoy and to take the 1st stay of the tour. This is very beautiful area. The river named as KUNHAR and plays the most important role in the beauty of this area. This area is full of pine trees. When traveling to BALAKOT you will find a lot of beautiful things to see, very attractive things to enjoy. You can also go to the place named as BATRASSI, which is in way of BALKOT but you will have to change your way a little to get there.

At the drive of 2 hours after moving from Balakot, another most attractive and the main point for tourists is SHOWGRAN. This area is very brilliant and beautiful, But when you get to Showgran you will not find anything much interesting except hotels and restaurants, but the real beauty is up there on SIRREE PAYE. You will have to get a jeep on rent to get there, If you are not an experienced driver then don’t take the risk of driving yourself because it is not good to drive in yourself. At the top of SIRREE, there are a lot of things to enjoy the main attrecting thing is a little lake at the top.Which is naturally made with the water of rain and snow. In the end, this plce needs a visit.

This area is also an example of what the natural beauty is. It is at the drive of 5 to 6 hours from Showgran. But you don’t get bore while driving to Kaghan because there are a lot of things to enjoy in the way. The river Kunhar moves along side the road, as you will be moving up it will be going down. When reached Kaghan, you will find a lot of attractive things. This area has special arrangements for the tourists at the cheap rates, Hotels and Restaurants are available. One thing you will obviously enjoy is the TROUT FISH, which is also available in Balakot and Naran. Well this place is also as so very much attractive that needs a visit.

At the drive of 2 hours from Kaghan there lies a place named as NARAN, which is the place where the tourists’ ratio is very high due to its beautiful and attractive looks. The main thing which people enjoy here is the fish TROUT and another thing named as the LAKE SAIF-UL-MALUK.A great scene. Between the four mountains this lake lies. Its water is very cold and of the color green and blue. So very much attractive. People enjoy staying here, due to its natural beauty and weather. which is very cold. In the end, It needs a visit of at least 3 days.

NOTE: When coming to Mansehra Side then please do bring your all warm cloths with you because the weather here is cold.

Mansehra side areas Weather.

Mansehra side areas Weather. Click on Picture for enlarge.

What strategy to make when coming to Mansehra?

When planning to coming to this part of the country, just plan it with the following method.


As you know the Mansehra city is at the 3 hours drive from Islamabad, if you get start at night then you must come to Mansehra city and pass your night at any hotel, but the best for you will be KARAKURRAM HOTEL. Or if you get stat in the sun, then you must get your first stay in BALAKOT.


You must come to take your first stay in Islamabad, take rest and start to Mansehra, If you are moving in the night then your second stay must be in Mansehra, or if you are starting you journey in the morning then your second stay must be in Balakot.


Same like above, get your first stay in Islamabad and then start traveling to Mansehra, if you start in the night then you must stay in Mansehra city and if you are starting in the sun then you must take your second stay in Balakot.




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