Screengrab from the spoof shows Dakota Johnson with an ISIS recruiter on Saturday Night Live.

Not funny: Dakota Johnson ISIS skit causes uproar : An invitation to appear on Saturday Night Live is seen as a pretty big deal — but Dakota Johnson may have blown her chance to prove she has comedic chops.

On the comedy show, Johnson starred in a skit that had her act out the part of a young girl ready to join ISIS.

In the skit, when questioned by her father (played by another SNL actor, Taran Killam) Johnson says: “It’s just Isis, dad.” The father later tells an IS recruiter to take care of his daughter, to which the IS member replies: “Death to America.”

The skit came at the heels of news that three British schoolgirls had run away to join ISIS.

As for Johnson, attacks poured in:

Cliff SaundersAnd SNL goes a tad too far. Not funny. Not at all.

But as of Tuesday morning, an equal number of people seemed to be defending Johnson:

Jessica Winter: I’m late to this but I thought the Dakota Johnson ISIS skit was really funny.

Either way, the 50 Shades star got lots of attention, and in Hollywood that’s seldom a bad thing.

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