Production approved for Maersk Oil’s Culzean gas field

BBC News : Production on the largest new oil and gas field to have been discovered in the North Sea for a decade has been approved by the UK Oil & Gas Authority.

The Culzean gas field is expected to produce enough gas to meet 5% of the UK’s needs when it reaches peak production.

It holds reserves equivalent to about a quarter of a billion barrels of oil.

Maersk Oil said its plans to develop the field were boosted by tax changes announced recently by the chancellor.

The company said the project is expected to support an estimated 6,000 UK jobs and create more than 400 direct jobs.

The field was discovered in 2008. Gas is expected to start flowing from the development in 2019 and continue for at least 13 years with peak production of 60,000-90,000 barrels per day.

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